Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sketch Up and Visuals

From the Sketchup model i recently posted i have turned it into a visual to get a better sense of how i want to the final design to be. 


Original Sketch up Model idea of Faldors Farm hall and kitchen, which hold important scenes in the story.


This Visual is a combination of different techniques but i find it a quick and effective way of getting my ideas down on paper. This is a combination of different images from my research references and painting on photoshop.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Sketch Up Model

I am at the stage in my project where i am beginning to design specific sets in my adaptation of 'Pawn of Prophecy'. (By David Eddings)

From my collaged visuals and drawings i have started designing the set of Faldors Farm in sketch up.

This was the visual i did of a concept of Faldors Farm.
From this i started experimenting in sketchup. From my research and my concept visuals this is the style i  am going to pursue in this part of the story.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Concept Ideas

I am still working on my Belgariad adaptation for my university studio work. Work isn't progressing as swiftly as i would like because of that ridiculous part of education called...The Dissertation!
My Dissertation is giving a rather large headache but i am trying to run both projects together smoothly.

I have been focusing mainly on character drawings and progressing with my concept collages.
The images i have for today is a quick collage of the set 'Faldors Farm'.
I am planning to develop these a little more and then will take the concept into sketch-up for further development.

Here is what i have done so far...

A collage of Japanese and Wooden Russian Architecture to create an initial idea of the setting Faldors Farm

My main influences for this part of the story have come from wooden architecture in Russia. The colours, shapes and texture create a nice tone for the beginning of the story. This needs set need a lot more work doing to it but from this i have a good indication of what direction i want to go in. 

I never thought i would enjoy collaging, but it is a quick way of getting my ideas down and visualising them on paper.

From this i have added an aspect ratio frame to get an idea how this scene would look through the camera.