Monday, 29 October 2012

New Programs

Helllooo all! just been looking at this program i found called 'Art Rage'!

Its really cool! Unlike photoshop, when you paint it really looks like paint! i feel as though i am using real paint on canvas!

I just thought i would share it with you all because it is definitely worth taking a look at!

Here is a screen shot of what i have been doing! It is very rough and rusty as i am just learning what all the different tools do but its fun to learn. Also you can download a free version and if you want to Pro version its really good value for money! Its about £30, which i thought was pretty damn cheap!!!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Set Design and 3D Cameras

I just saw this video from 'The Hobbit Blog' about how they have used 3D when filming the film. I am not normally a 3D fan, i cant think of anything worse than having to wear 3D glasses over my glasses...BUT... this video is really interesting and has made me change my opionion a little! 

Take a look at the bit towards the end especially about drawing John Howe and Alan Lee drawing concept art in 3D for Peter Jackson! its really interesting to think how you might change your visualisation style to suit the 3D camera!


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Its been a while!

Hi all! sorry its been so long since ive written or posted anything! Life has been so hetic i havent noticed where the time has gone!

So..too quickly fill you in!

I finished uni...and graduated with a 1ST! WHOOP WHOOP! i am so happy and pleased!

I did my first production design job with the Central Film School called 'Sound of Silence'.
It was such a good experience and learnt so so much. It amazing how much i am always learning everyday that i work. I am waitting for the stills to post so hopefully they will be up soon!

I just had my interview for The National Film and Television School!
Now that was teriffying and amazing at the same time. Such a valuable experience! I am still waiting to here my results so wish me luck!

For the interview they set me a project that i had to present to a lovely bunch of people also interviewing! It was really interesting to see everyones work and just from chatting and discussing peoples projects you learnt heaps loads of new tricks and ways of working. 
We had to adapt Tennessea Williams 'Baby Doll' Script. 
It was really fun as i had never done a 'Period' Style design before and i got to dicover about a new style of culture, time and architecture. A really valuble experience watever the result of the interview.

Here is a selction of Visuals i did for the project! let me know what you think!
The film is set in Mississppi, 1940s.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Model Making Heaven

To Everyone who loves model making take a look at this site.
The model making is so beautiful it makes you want to weep with joy!

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Work in Development.

Here is the visual development of one of my current visuals. I thought you might like to see the different stages that the visual has gone through to get to its final image.

Step One
The Sketchup Model

This is a screen shot of a very basic sketch up model i made working out the shapes and compositiong of a street in the sea port city of Daraine (One of the sets in my final year project).

Step Two
Sketchup Outline

Here i took the sketchup model into sketchup adn roughly added to its outline to create the basis of my composition.

Step Three
Adding textures

Step Four
Adding Figures and shadows

From this i build up the compostition by adding figures and shadows.

Step Five

The final step is creating a mood and an atmosphere. For this i added mist and rain. This is to give the impression that you are seeing a snapshot of a scene from the film.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Visual Anamatic

My first attempt at creating animations using Adobe After Effects.

Here is an animation of my visuals and designs for my final year project. The idea behind this was to enhance the story telling behind my visuals and enhance the relationship between the story and my set design.

This clip is a selection of visuals for the set of Faldors Farm in my adaptation of David Eddings's 'The Pawn of Prophecy', book on of 'The Belgariad' sereis.

Friday, 11 May 2012

New Visuals and Designs

Here is a selection of some of my recent visuals and designs for my final year project.
Only 3 weeks to go! Whoop Whoop

Here are 3 visuals of some of the sets and scenes at Fladors Farm, in David Eddings's 'Pawn of Prophecy'.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Book Art!

I love books and i love reading books. 
One of my dreams would be to have a library of my own like in 'Beauty and the Beast'. 
Here is a selection of Book Art that i find AMAZING! 
I find them really inspiring and thought you might want to have a look too.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Working Progress

I am slowing plodding along with work but am starting to feel the pressure.

AHHHHH i hope i get all that i want to do done in time!!!!
Am listening to a bit of disney classics to get me through!

Here is something that is nearly done...

When its finished it will be a visual of a dingy pub in a sea port town in my design of David Eddings's 'The Pawn of Prophecy'.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Visual Development

Everything is getting a bit more EPIC!

I am continually trying to find new ways of creating quick yet effective and atmospheric visuals for my work. 
Here is a selection of things i have been working on recently!

Sunday, 18 March 2012


Here is a collection of quick visuals for my final project.
I am testing out pantone pens to create quick yet effective visuals that communicate the important themes of the story.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sketch Up and Visuals

From the Sketchup model i recently posted i have turned it into a visual to get a better sense of how i want to the final design to be. 


Original Sketch up Model idea of Faldors Farm hall and kitchen, which hold important scenes in the story.


This Visual is a combination of different techniques but i find it a quick and effective way of getting my ideas down on paper. This is a combination of different images from my research references and painting on photoshop.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Sketch Up Model

I am at the stage in my project where i am beginning to design specific sets in my adaptation of 'Pawn of Prophecy'. (By David Eddings)

From my collaged visuals and drawings i have started designing the set of Faldors Farm in sketch up.

This was the visual i did of a concept of Faldors Farm.
From this i started experimenting in sketchup. From my research and my concept visuals this is the style i  am going to pursue in this part of the story.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Concept Ideas

I am still working on my Belgariad adaptation for my university studio work. Work isn't progressing as swiftly as i would like because of that ridiculous part of education called...The Dissertation!
My Dissertation is giving a rather large headache but i am trying to run both projects together smoothly.

I have been focusing mainly on character drawings and progressing with my concept collages.
The images i have for today is a quick collage of the set 'Faldors Farm'.
I am planning to develop these a little more and then will take the concept into sketch-up for further development.

Here is what i have done so far...

A collage of Japanese and Wooden Russian Architecture to create an initial idea of the setting Faldors Farm

My main influences for this part of the story have come from wooden architecture in Russia. The colours, shapes and texture create a nice tone for the beginning of the story. This needs set need a lot more work doing to it but from this i have a good indication of what direction i want to go in. 

I never thought i would enjoy collaging, but it is a quick way of getting my ideas down and visualising them on paper.

From this i have added an aspect ratio frame to get an idea how this scene would look through the camera.