Monday, 29 October 2012

New Programs

Helllooo all! just been looking at this program i found called 'Art Rage'!

Its really cool! Unlike photoshop, when you paint it really looks like paint! i feel as though i am using real paint on canvas!

I just thought i would share it with you all because it is definitely worth taking a look at!

Here is a screen shot of what i have been doing! It is very rough and rusty as i am just learning what all the different tools do but its fun to learn. Also you can download a free version and if you want to Pro version its really good value for money! Its about £30, which i thought was pretty damn cheap!!!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Set Design and 3D Cameras

I just saw this video from 'The Hobbit Blog' about how they have used 3D when filming the film. I am not normally a 3D fan, i cant think of anything worse than having to wear 3D glasses over my glasses...BUT... this video is really interesting and has made me change my opionion a little! 

Take a look at the bit towards the end especially about drawing John Howe and Alan Lee drawing concept art in 3D for Peter Jackson! its really interesting to think how you might change your visualisation style to suit the 3D camera!