Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Its been a while!

Hi all! sorry its been so long since ive written or posted anything! Life has been so hetic i havent noticed where the time has gone!

So..too quickly fill you in!

I finished uni...and graduated with a 1ST! WHOOP WHOOP! i am so happy and pleased!

I did my first production design job with the Central Film School called 'Sound of Silence'.
It was such a good experience and learnt so so much. It amazing how much i am always learning everyday that i work. I am waitting for the stills to post so hopefully they will be up soon!

I just had my interview for The National Film and Television School!
Now that was teriffying and amazing at the same time. Such a valuable experience! I am still waiting to here my results so wish me luck!

For the interview they set me a project that i had to present to a lovely bunch of people also interviewing! It was really interesting to see everyones work and just from chatting and discussing peoples projects you learnt heaps loads of new tricks and ways of working. 
We had to adapt Tennessea Williams 'Baby Doll' Script. 
It was really fun as i had never done a 'Period' Style design before and i got to dicover about a new style of culture, time and architecture. A really valuble experience watever the result of the interview.

Here is a selction of Visuals i did for the project! let me know what you think!
The film is set in Mississppi, 1940s.